Privacy Policy
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  • Last update: March 28, 2022.
    • Effective date: November 02, 2021.
These terms contain: • Information about correct usage of the bot WhatsApp Authenticator. • Supplemental information about the information we collect from you. • Punishments that will be added to you if you fail to comply with them.
What the user should be aware of immediately without exception: • The Terms of Use are conditioned on this Term. • It is your obligation to stay up to date with the updates to our terms and regardless of your reading, you agree with the information previously described in this term. • We are not responsible for you sharing information personal. • Your data may be shared with users of the server where we will hide personal information for security and privacy reasons, leaving it only in the development team's pose. • We are not responsible for problems with your account as well as your account outside the Discord platform. • The Terms of Service as well as the Discord Community Guidelines also the WhatsApp Terms of Service and Telegram Terms of Service are conditioned on this term, the bot is not affiliated with Discord Inc.

1. Are allowed when using WhatsApp authenticator

Art 1.1º: Including your WhatsApp number in the WhatsApp Authenticator is secure and ensures that multiple accounts do not have access to the servers.
Art 1.2º: No information registered in the WhatsApp Authenticator database is passed on to third parties, server administrators or staff team of the servers themselves.
Art 1.3º: You can decide between yourself or your server team whether you want to keep the user on the server (even after verified) and apply punishments according to the commands that WhatsApp Authenticator has to offer.
Art 1.4º: The Terms of Use are conditioned on this Term.
Art 1.5º: It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your information, do not disclose your number or any other data that could be considered a breach of confidentiality.
Art 1.6º: Once registered, WhatsApp Authenticator will collect your previously verified number and when using it on other servers, part of your number is hidden to keep your information secure.
Art 1.7º: No information is passed on to you by the WhatsApp Authenticator developer team without prior confirmation, so make sure you pass all requested information correctly so that you can proceed with requests.
Art 1.8º: You can (optionally) not use WhatsApp Authenticator commands if you are not comfortable. In this case ask the server team to assign the role to you manually.
Art 1.9º: Only 3 (three) numbers per account can be used and registered for verification, being able to choose among them which one finds necessary in the act of verification.
Art 1.10º: We reserve your right to manifest through the email [email protected].

2. Practices considered prohibited when using WhatsApp Authenticator

Art 2.1º: Any violation of this Term, as well as the Terms of Use.
Art 2.2º: You share your phone number to the server Staff Team to verify your access.
Art 2.3º: To denigrate the WhatsApp Authenticator developer team as the bot itself.
Art 2.4º: Telling lies about breaking confidentiality to other server members as well as other servers using WhatsApp Authenticator.
Art 2.5º: Prevent what other users from checking server access and blaming WhatsApp Authenticator itself.
Art 2.6º: Share screenshots or take videos where most of your WhatsApp number is revealed.
Art 2.7º: Force users to verify access on the server.
Art 2.8º: Threat user of any kind under any verification, forcing users to verify server access.
Art 2.9º: Using WhatsApp Authenticator on NSFW (Not Safe for Work) servers where text channels are not protected and marked as adult content.
Art 2.10º: If you go through WhatsApp Authenticator by sending fake codes. The code will always be sent to your WhatsApp by number +1 (585) 200-5793.
Art 2.11º: Make any attempt that makes the user inform you the code that is sent to the user by WhatsApp via SMS. WhatsApp Authenticator never sends codes via SMS.