Vote for WhatsApp Authenticator and get rewarded
You can get WhatsApp Authenticator Premium Features for free with just your vote.

How it works?

Every vote you cast for the WhatsApp Authenticator by top.gg you will have +1 vote added to your account, you can see how many votes you have using the command /vote votes. With the votes already accumulated you can exchange them for Premium days that can be activated on the servers you have permission to Manage Server .

How many votes do I need to have accumulated in my account to redeem the Premium?

:. 14 votes = 1 day :. 42 votes = 5 days :. 84 votes = 10 days :. 112 votes = 15 days
You can activate more than one key on the same server, thus accumulating the remaining days. You can view your key inventory or even exchange your votes for Premium days using the command /vote redeem.
After redeeming the key to your inventory, you have up to 30 days to use it, otherwise it will be removed from your inventory and can no longer be activated.
To activate, use the command /key activate [your key].
You can also (by option) purchase Premium and get all the benefits using the command /donate check its advantages in click here.
Once your vote is computed, you will receive a badge on your profile that will stay temporarily, after which you will need to vote again to keep the badge. To do this, just use the /userinfo command on you to view it.

To vote for WhatsApp Authenticator via top.gg click here.