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  • Last update: March 28, 2022.
    • Effective date: June 15, 2021.
These terms contain: • Information about correct usage of the bot WhatsApp Authenticator. • Supplemental information about the information we collect from you. • The commitment you must have with us when using WhatsApp Authenticator bot commands. • Punishments that will be added to you if you fail to comply with them.
What the user should be aware of immediately without exception: • The bot WhatsApp Authenticator is not official of the company WhatsApp LLC. • The bot WhatsApp Authenticator is not official of the company Telegram. • It is your obligation to stay up to date with the updates to our terms and regardless of your reading, you agree with the information previously described in this term. • We are not responsible for any configuration made on the servers. • Your data may be shared with users of the server where we will hide personal information for security and privacy reasons, leaving it only in the development team's pose. • We are not responsible for problems with your account as well as your account outside the Discord platform. • The Terms of Service as well as the Discord Community Guidelines also the WhatsApp Terms of Service and also the Telegram Terms of Service are conditioned on this term, the bot is not affiliated with Discord Inc. • Refunds of any monetary value can only be made in Brazil and within a maximum period of 7 calendar days without exception. After the deadline and not belonging to the country of origin, the refund cannot be made due to the high fee charged by the payment platform.

Terms of use

The terms are subject to the clauses according to the paragraph of each article presented so far and in case of non-compliance there may be limitations on the use of the commands according to the seriousness of the offense committed.

1. Using the bot WhatsApp Authenticator

Art 1.1º: By verifying your account to the server you want to join, you guarantee your right to share your WhatsApp phone number via direct message (DM) from the bot WhatsApp Authenticator and your information will be validated and stored in the bank of bot data. Art 1.2°: Server users will be able to no view the phone number you used in the validation, we will guarantee your privacy. Art 1.3°: Regardless of the phone number used for validation, no user will have access to your account, unless you share them. Art 1.4°: The validation code will be sent exclusively via WhatsApp via the number +1 (585) 200-5793. Do not share this code with third parties or codes that are sent from Whatsapp via SMS in your number. Art 1.5º: If your phone number changes, you can request removal from the developer team. Art 1.6°: It is only allowed to link only one phone number, when linking you will receive the role configured by the server administrators team. When having the role removed, it will be necessary to do the linking process again. Art 1.7°: For the system to work it is necessary for the server team to apply the necessary permissions to the bot WhatsApp Authenticator and carry out the necessary settings on the server. For help with the procedures, consult the documentation. Art 1.8°: We have the right to ban you from using the bot as well as ban the association of your phone number on any server the bot WhatsApp Authenticator is associated with. Art 1.9°: Sending suggestions as well as reporting bugs must be done exclusively on the bot's support server. Art 1.10º: It is only allowed to associate up to 3 (three) different numbers in the WhatsApp Authenticator database, other associations will not be allowed. Art 1.11º: It is only possible to associate one WhatsApp number per account. If you have problems with your account, please contact the Discord Inc team.

2. Deleting Account Data

You can request together with the team of developers to delete your data: Art 2.1°: All lost data cannot be recovered. Art 2.2°: You may be suspended from using all bot commands, which can be temporarily or permanently. Art 2.3°: We may also delete your account data without prior notice if you violate the terms and clauses described in this term. Art 2º4º: The form to delete your account together with additional information can be found in Art 13.7º.

3. Request for collected data

You can request a copy of what WhatsApp Authenticator collects from you under the following conditions: Art 3.1°: You will need to have at least 1 (one) verified number on WhatsApp Authenticator. Art 3.2°: The request must be made only once every 3 (three) months (if there are changes). Art 3.3°: The request must be made exclusively by email: [email protected].

4. Settings

As described in Art 1.7, it is necessary to make the necessary settings for the system to work as expected, it is noteworthy that we are not responsible: Art 4.1°: By poorly configured servers. Art 4.2°: For lack of permission that the server team does not add to the bot WhatsApp Authenticator. Art 4.3°: For not carrying out the necessary updates in the bot's configuration.

5. Donations and Premium

All monetary amounts that are made within the platform are donations only and will be granted virtually, so stay tuned: Art 5.1º: The WhatsApp Authenticator developer team is not responsible for an undeliverable purchase due to an incorrect email address at the time of purchase. Art 5.2º: Declined purchases due to card issues are not the responsibility of the WhatsApp Authenticator developer team, please verify the data entered or contact your card issuer. Art 5.3º: Ask a parent or cardholder for permission before making any purchases. Art 5.4º: You can vote via top.gg and redeem Premium. The WhatsApp Authenticator developer team is not responsible for uncounted votes. Art 5.5º: The monetary value return policy is described in accordance with clause 6 of this term. Art 5.6º: Keys purchased/redeemed may expire and can only be used once. The WhatsApp Authenticator developer team is not responsible for unused keys that have expired.

6. Refund of monetary values

Refunds are made according to the action of the bot developers team, provided you use the official payment methods as described in the support server channels. Art 6.1°: All refunds can only be made within a maximum period of 7 (seven) calendar days after purchase and valid only in Brazil. Art 6.2°: No amount will be charged to you to use and enjoy the bot commands, every donation is voluntary and you can choose to donate or not. Art 6.3°: Other countries are not eligible for reimbursement due to the high fee charged by the payment platform according to the payment method used. Art 6.4°: In Brazil there are other means of payment, therefore, the amount of the donation when requesting a refund will be used the same method of payment used when making the donation when requesting a refund. Art 6.5°: We from the bot developers team do not have the obligation to make refunds of monetary values ​​within the period you request, when making the request there will be a refund within the deadline as clarified by both parties. Art 6.6º: After a maximum period of 7 (seven) calendar days after the donation, you will not be able to make a refund request and if you open a complaint on the platform used to make the payment, the amounts will not be returned and you will be punished of use all WhatsApp Authenticator bot commands. Art 6.7°: The refund request must be made directly with the bot WhatsApp Authenticator developers team as long as they are within the deadline as per. Art 6.8°: Our team is not responsible for any donation or payment made to third parties except for the official methods used to make the due payment. Art 6.9°: Values ​​and benefits for your donation must be dealt directly with our team, there may be changes in benefits and values ​​without prior notice, it is your obligation to follow the updates.

7. Database

You will lose all validated user data if the bot supposedly leaves the server and we are unable to retrieve the information for you, so please be aware that: Art 7.1°: The bot will not leave the server alone unless our team takes action to renew it from their server. Art 7.2°: Check your audit log and make sure no server member is kicking the bot WhatsApp Authenticator or any other moderation bot. Art 7.3°: We cannot recover deleted data from your server. Art 7.4°: Complaining to the team saying that "some bot or member" of the server has expelled the bot will not be an excuse to solve your problem. Art 7.5°: We cannot retrieve member data that you or someone else from the server has removed. Art 7.6°: There may be data loss according to the action of the developer team.

8. Collection of personal data and information

The bot's function is to collect data from users and store them in the database, it is noteworthy that: Art 8.1º: WHEN YOU PROVIDE YOUR WHATSAPP NUMBER, WE WILL COLLECT THE INFORMATION THAT WILL BE REGISTERED IN OUR DATABASE AND WILL BE SECURE, THE INFORMATION WILL ONLY BE IN THE POSSESSION THE WHATSAPP AUTHENTICATOR DEVELOPER TEAM. Art 8.2°: We do not collect data such as your email address, account password and IP address. Art 8.3°: We only collect your basic account information like username and User ID. Art 8.4°: No other data will be collected from you unless you provide it to us. Art 8.5°: You can request the deletion of your data according with Art 2.

9. Punishments and blocks

We are fully entitled to apply the appropriate penalties if you violate any of the clauses of this term. We guarantee this right to avoid future problems with malicious users. Art 9.1°: All punishments that we apply will be classified according to the seriousness of the infraction. Art 9.2°: The punishments assigned to you may be applied temporarily (where you will be temporarily punished until the deadline as applied by our team) or permanent (where you will be permanently punished and can be removed only with the action of our team). Art 9.3°: Ensure that you read all the information described in this term to avoid punishment. Art 9.4°: We have the right without exception to penalize you for your actions as a violation of this term. Art 9.5º: Misuse of bot tools like making the bot spam messages multiple times will bring you penalties. Art 9.6°: Use the bot WhatsApp Authenticator conscientiously to avoid punishments. Art 9.7°: Suspension of the partial or total right to use WhatsApp Authenticator bot commands does not influence the banning of your Whatsapp account if you have not violated the platform's Terms of Service.

10. Unlockes

When having your account temporarily or permanently suspended from using the bot, please be aware that: Art 10.1°: You will lose the right to use the bot partially or permanently. Art 10.2°: You must contact the developer team to re-evaluate your suspension and request the unlock. Art 10.3°: We are under no obligation to remove the suspension of the right to use the bot WhatsApp Authenticator. Art 10.4°: If the removal of the lock is carried out, your data may or may not be cleaned in our database. Art 10.5º: The removal of the block does not influence the removal of the ban from your WhatsApp account if your account has been temporarily or permanently suspended for violating the Terms of Service of the platform. Art 10.6°: Later complaints will not be tolerated if the unlocking of the right to use the bot WhatsApp Authenticator is denied by the team of developers, this rule is subject to Art 10.3° of this term.

11. Right of use (while the bot WhatsApp Authenticator is associated with the server)

Penalties and suspensions also occur on the server where the bot can be prevented from being associated with the server. Please note that: Art 11.1°: Blocking and unlocking are subject to Art 9-10 according to the action of our team. Art 11.2°: Suspension can occur temporarily or permanently. Art 11.3°: We have no obligation to offer you immediate access to the bot WhatsApp Authenticator after joining the server as well as its use. Art 11.4°: It is not our obligation to support users who are having difficulties to add the bot WhatsApp Authenticator on the servers, the verification for the addition of the bot on the servers due to lack of verification of your account is entirely your responsibility. Art 11.5º: You have the right to change the log message that will be sent once you validate the code sent on WhatsApp. However, it is prohibited to configure logs with personal and confidential information.

12. Coupons and tastings

Don't confuse discount coupon with tasting. • Coupon: Discount coupon that can be purchased and can be used for payments with promotional values ​​where there will be discounts on your purchases.*Tasting: Where it is possible for you and other users to receive benefits free of charge for a limited time to enjoy the benefits for a specified period of time. * * Both have an expiration date/time respecting their respective deadlines. Art 12.1°: There is no deadline for initialization of coupons and tastings, however, they have a start and end date as described in official publications and must respect their respective validity regardless of the adhesion date. Art 12.2°: Before the expiration date of the coupons or even the tastings, our team will be able to decide whether or not they will be extended. Art 12.3°: You can choose whether or not to adhere to the coupons as well as the tastings since they are within the start and expiration period. Art 12.4°: There may be limitations on purchases where they will be published before purchasing coupons or joining tastings. Art 12.5°: There may be availability stock in the coupons and also in the tastings. Art 12.6°: We have the right to refuse without prior notice any request for coupons and tastings to you.

13. Judicial power

Art 13.1°: Platform users will have the right to use the images previously linked in the bot WhatsApp Authenticator. Art 13.2°: All content will be restricted, allowing access only to authorized users. If the project is not publicly linked, its use is duly prohibited except in cases of data transfer to third parties without compromising the data registered in its database. Art 13.3°: The laws implemented in this term are in accordance with the Penal Code and Consumer Rights in Brazil.

General information

Art 13.4°: The opening of a lawsuit by the user requires proof of the misuse of the data that it does not cover and that the information previously described in this term is divergent according to the use of unauthorized data. Art 13.5°: Whether you read it or not, when you use the bot commands, you are aware of the information and agree to all Articles and Clauses described in this term without exception. Art 13.6º: The cancellation of information previously stored in the database can be deleted according to Art 2, with the Declaration of exclusion that must be printed, filled in, duly signed by the account owner and sent as an attachment after being filled out and signed to the e-mail [email protected] where we give you up to 5 working days to reply with your request. Art 13.7°: Follow the source model that must be sent in an attachment, completed and signed by the account owner.
Request to delete data in the database User name: ........................................................ ID: ..................................................
I hereby request the deletion of my databases permanently from the database, for the following reason: If you are making this copy by hand, copy only the alternative that meets your request.
( ) I no longer intend to use the commands/functions of this bot. ( ) I feel like I'm not safe sharing my WhatsApp number with the bot. ( ) Lack of support, service in the maintenance of the bot, as well as its commands and functions. ( ) I already have an account and I want to link the same number to another account. ( ) I am banned from using bot functions ( ) I do not intend to use the commands/functions of this bot. ( ) I feel that I am not safe in sharing my phone number with the bot. ( ) Lack of support, service and maintenance of the bot as well as its commands and functions. ( ) I reached the maximum number limit. ( ) Other reasons: ..........................................................................................
I understand that by placing this order: If you are making this copy by hand, copy the two tags below.
  • All my data will be permanently deleted and I will not be able to restore them.
  • I associated account number will be blacklisted and I will not be able to use it for validation again.
With the clarification of this informations, I confirm this request.
Date: ........./........./.........
Signature: ........................................................................................
Art 13.8°: In case of opening of a process by the priority, the judicial decision will be up to determine the right of both parties. Art 13.9°: This term is in accordance with Art 4 before the Penal Code Art. 49 and its paragraphs in the country Brazil. Art 13.10°: We reserve your right to manifest through the email [email protected].